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1/13/07 02:55 pm - Pic-heavy entry

More abuse of my right to have a digital camera abounds. If you ever wanted a virtual tour of my dorm room (anyone? really?)

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11/12/06 01:00 am

I called Tona tonight and told her I have open availability the 22-25, which is why the rant about LB. Looks like the clothes are going to be VERY tempting this weekend, I wonder if I'll get my discount back....

Alright, maybe I have to much pride in my workplace, but I am SICK and TIRED of hearing fat girls bitch and whine about Lane Bryant. SICK and TIRED.

"Your models are all size 12? That's misrepresentation!"
-compared to other stores where the models are a size 2?!
-If we had size 24 women in our catalog and in our window, you would not shop there, believe me.
-AND if we had size 24 models, you'd be complaining that they're not YOUR size anyway.

"None of those clothes look good on me!"
-I have the right to say this because I've dealt with these ladies. There is no pleasing them. They hate the way they look and blame it on the clothes. I am not here to fix self esteem. If the clothes are ugly I'll tell them so, but when you're trying on the hottest outfit in the store and saying you look fat- there's a reason. You haven't come to terms with something- YOU'RE FAT.

"Why can't I find anything here that's in the catalog?!"
-FOR THE LAST TIME. I swear I say this every day. Every day. Lane Bryant stores are not affiliated with the Lane Bryant catalog. It is a legal issue. We are working on it.
-If you want typical fat clothes that don't actually flatter a bigger body so much as hide it completely and only come in tacky pastels, don't look here. We don't have it. Go to the Avenue.

11/10/06 08:38 pm

Preliminary reading list for next Semester:

Born on the Fourth of July, Ron Kovic
The Color Purple, Alice Walker
The Hours, Micheal Cunningham
V for Vendetta, Alan Moore
A River Runs Through it, Norman Maclean
Real Women have Curves, Josephina Lopez
Dead Man Walking, Helen Prejean
Affliction, Russel Banks
Sylvia's Lovers, Elizabeth Gaskell
Sweet Hearts, Melanie Thon
Original Bliss, AL Kennedy
Giant's House, Elizabeth McCracken
Can't Quit You, Baby, Ellen Douglas
Question of Power, Bessie Head
Ariel, Slyvia Plath
My Name is Rachel Corrie, Rachel Corrie
Awakening, Kate Chopin

Mostly for my own reference, but if anyone on my flist has any of these titles laying around, they'd make a good christmas present! My campus bookstore is trying to break me!

11/9/06 03:21 pm

Okay, Earlier today I was thinking about making a literature journal, but it's a hassle, to be perfectly honest. A hassle for me and a hassle for my dear friends on my friendslist. So I thought, maybe I'll just start posting my work on my journal! No...wait...what if some people on my flist don't want to read my work or just won't read my work? And my journal isn't friends only and I don't want it to be! What if my work got stolen?? (I know, totally egotistical, but a fear of mine)

Solution: I am going to make a friend's filter. This filter will include only the people who would like to read the things I am creating and plan to make comments. (Real comments, please, I'm looking to improve, not gain lots and lots of praise.)

But Danielle, does this mean you're just going to be posting lots of your crazy roleplay crap I won't understand because I don't give a shit?

No! I have journals for roleplay, I have a place for that. These will be only things that I have done all on my own and would feel fine turning in to any of my literature proffessors.

But I love your roleplay dribble! I come here just to hear you rant about Buffy and X-files, what do I care about your other stuff??

Just because most of it is original fiction, doesn't mean I won't be slipping in fanfic here and there. That content will be labeled as such.

So....if you want to help me out, are interested in all that, and intend to read AND comment, comment on this entry and I'll put you on the list.

10/30/06 08:04 pm

I had visitors this weekend in the form of Nick and Allie so though I got no work done I had a really awesome time just chilling out and doing nothing. We ventured around Marshall long enough to discover that there actually isn't anything to do in this town besides get drunk and watch movies. My halloween party plans fell through because the party was aparently just cancelled...(the girl who invited me was actually out of town and didn't let me know till I called her the night of) so we ran around the student center and took pictures of our costumes, then went back to my room to watch Poltergiest, and then Serenity.

I LOVE SERENITY. OMG OMG I LOVE SERENITY. I realize this is old news but every time I watch this movie I am hypnotized by how fucking brilliant it is. I mean, sooner or later I sort of, get over these sort of things. I do not think that is likely to happen with this show. My Kaylee costume is still a work in progress due to my limited resources, but it's coming along nicely and we took pictures anyway. The shirt needs some serious work, my hair is wrong, various patches are missing, and the jumpsuit looks just to new in general.

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10/24/06 04:31 pm

I realize this is a good way to start drama, but I really don't mean to. I just don't want to be on someone's flist if they just have to scroll past my entries, ya know? If you're not interested, I don't want you to have to hear it.

So instead of making those people come forward...

please comment on this entry if you'd like to remain on my friend's list.

"Friend's list" is such a horrible term. I don't want to "de-friend" anyone, I just want to remove the people who don't want to be on this list from this list. It's just a list people, don't cry or anything.

10/13/06 02:29 pm

Some people may have noticed it's Friday the 13th, but I'm also going to wish everyone a very very

Happy X-files day!
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Whatever you call this day, X-files day, Muldermas, Fox's birthday, if this is a show that has touched your life, take pause to remember why.

Also, if anyone around here would like to participate in an X-files marathon with me, that's what I'll be doing so feel free to stop by.

8/5/06 07:00 am

Rant in response to an entry that stellar_dust linked to in one of her most recent posts. It got me thinking about ships, and when I think about ships, I tend to wander straight over to the ship I love to hate, Spuffy.

Tha author of this particular article vaguely alluded to connections bettween a Jack/Elizabeth pairing in POTC and a Spike/Buffy pairing in BTVS. While it may be tempting to draw parrelels bettween the two, I feel that nothing could be further from the truth. For reference, I'm including a link to the very well written and insightful entry, because it's well worth the read.


Or, for those less interested in POTC, the really important part of thisCollapse )

Moving on, erinya defines Jack as a "bodice ripper," a completely accurate description, obviously. It's true that the Spike/Buffy relationship does not follow traditional gender roles, but that does not mean Spike and Buffy are equals. In fact it is very obvious to even thye casual viewer in season six that the two are anything but, Buffy dominating the relationship, and making and breaking all the rules from early on. And niether participant is anything close to innocent, Buffy's innocence was taken a long time ago, and even with the traditional gender roles reversed (which they tend to be in this relationship) Spike is no longer the virginal innocent William he once was. Neither are bound to experience any sort of sexual awakening because of thier very tumultous union. As for Jack/Elizabeth representing freedom, absolutely. If Spike and Buffy taught us anything about freedom, it was that some relationships can be a cage. Spike was constantly manipulated by his feelings for Buffy, and Buffy was constantly manipulated by her self disgust about situations with Spike.

What does hating the Spuffy pairing say about me? I have my ideas on that. I think that a good relationship holds self love just as important as the love for another, I think that equality means mutual respect and doesn't employ a femenist double standard (such as it's alright for a woman to be abusive but not for a man) and without it any relationship is an unhealthy one. It means that my defenition of abuse extends beyound physical pain and manipulation, but mental as well. It means that I believe that love is completely independent of violence and manipulation.

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6/18/06 08:26 pm

I had college orientation for my new university today, and the experience itself was exauhsting, super frustrating, and mildly terrifying. Good news is, my parents finally understand why this whole college funding thing is freaking me out so bad. The funny part is that the college I'm going to is on the lower end of tuition as far as universities run. It's all one big huge headache because lord knows what they're going to do about it. It's like it would kill them to just tell me what they're doing and stick to it.

I haven't really been writing entries because my thoughts just haven't been organized enough for that. I move out to the dorms August 16th, and since there are summer classes, there probably won't be much interruption in internet access, which won't matter to alot of you since I haven't been finding the time to post anyway.

I ordered all my books and they should arrive in a couple days, then I have several books to start on right off the bat since I'm taking Script analysis and Novel, which both have about four books to read each. I'm also taking a psych class, which could be a major mistake because the last one I was in nearly killed me. Hopefully this teacher won't be quite so test-happy. Then I have a writers workshop, and Critical approaches to lit, which I just took because it's part of my major.

The dorm room are tiny and I find out the begining of next month whether I have a roommate or not, but either way the stuff I bring up there is going to have to be limited. Most of my things are not stuff I absolutely need, but the issue is where they'll be safe until I get back.

Once I get used to my classload I'm going to start working at the school to help pau for things and make sure I'm not broke all the time. Right now it sounds like a steep price to pay to be out of my parents house, but I'm sure once I stop worrying about it so much, I'll actually have a second or two to enjoy myself.

I'm not sure about taking 16 credits first semester in, so if you want to throw some advice my way-

I have to take atleast 12 credits to be a full-time student, right now if I need to, I can afford to drop one of these two classes-

Novel, or Criticical approaches to literature. Both are three credits, both are held Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Both I have already ordered my books for. Both I have little to no idea about the content of the class.

4/3/06 11:09 pm

I hate my job, my manger is making my life miserable and running me ragged right near the end of the semester and I swear I don't need this shit right now, like I don't have enough to worry about besides what I'm going to do about Tona. Everyone who works there is trained in on register except me and half of them have been working there alot less time, there's some new girl who's making a dollar more an hour than the girls who have been there two years, not to mention me. Tona said she was getting to reviews a long time ago and aparently never did, people are so sick of her shit that they're not showing up and I have to cover for them. This job is not goddamn worth it to me, and what the hell happened to my transfer? If she thinks I'm going to continue to make the two hour bus ride to work she's got another thing coming.

I hate school, both my writing classes are sapping away all my creative energy and I'm tired of stupid teachers who hold thier opinions so holy. Today I gave a report infront of the class on a poet I'm not all that passionate about (because there aren't any poets I'm passionate about) and she did nothing but humiliate me infront of the class and make me look like a jackass because I happened to say it was obvious that the poet was jewish and that it probably influenced him adding the holocaust into alot of his poems. She then made a general announcement to the class that it's, "not okay to assign one historical event or physical feature to one group of people" First of all, I didn't say that all jewish people write about the fucking holocaust, and believe it or not, one physical feature shared by a group of people is called GENES YOU MOTHERFUCKING IDIOT! Don't try to make me look like an idiot infront of the class because you didn't like the poet I chose. You're a half assed poetry teacher, not an ethics proffessor.

Also, I have to finish my Biology test, plan my party, finish reading hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy, and track down Josh because he owes me an substatial amount of money and is most likely avoiding me on the subject.

Would it kill my Biological father to give me a call around my birthday? Aparently.

I'm fucking tired and all I want to do is curl up and sleep for a few days.
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