the deadly viper assasination squad (somuchbraver) wrote,
the deadly viper assasination squad

For everyone whom I have disappeared off the face of the planet for, I was waiting to make an announcement once I knew what the hell was happening, but this recovery process turns out to be more complicated than I figured. I got my wisdom teeth taken out on the 26th and since then I have been in a perpetual state of sleeping and laying around. I have work on Sunday and I don't really know how fit I'm going to be for it because my mouth has been completely unpredictable.

I did get Looking For Alaska read cover to cover though, unfortunately it's not a really "up" sort of novel so it hasn't done anything for my mood. Which by the way, fluctuates from yay I'm so glad my teeth are out and it's over, to I never want to leave my bed again why didn't the dentist just put me out of my misery. I hate that my brain is stuffed full of drugs and I'm not clear headed enough to even write anything of worth.

All this time to work on things and it's wasted on staring at walls and sleeping through the better part of the day. I thought I was going to get so much done.
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