the deadly viper assasination squad (somuchbraver) wrote,
the deadly viper assasination squad

I don't get it guys. What's the big deal here? My understanding of the situation was that LJ was finally carrying through with stuff in the TOS and while doing that, went a little too general and accidentally suspended a bunch of fandom related and survivor journals. When I checked out the list I saw a bunch of communities that really should have been private to the members (age play? People under 18 don't need to stumble on that and hell, neither do I) and fandom communities with deviant sexual subjects (A lot of Harry Potter, which I can't blame LJ for finding questionable, I've got nothing against twincest, It's just not my thing).

But all this drama about freedom of speech that this stirred up is incredible if you ask me. I mean, maybe I don't have all the facts because I came late to the party and I was never effected by the mistake, but the fact was a mistake. I don't think Livejournal really grasps just how many of their subscribers are fandom people, or at least they didn't until this, and fanfiction is a fuzzy moral line, that's what disclaimers are for, right? I personally think impressionable young Harry Potter fans should be somewhat protected from Snarry fiction and Weasley incest. And there are plenty of communities out there that take respectable steps to keep their content from impressionable eyes and out of trouble with the TOS. Do I have an example? Yes I do, take a walk on over to darker_spike sometime and see how they run their operation. They have found a way to enjoy their explicit fanfic, slash pictures, and underage sex without incurring LJ's wrath or putting 13 year old Spike fans at risk.

I'm all for freedom of speech, but 'cmon guys, Livejournal has got to protect their asses too. They're the ones responsible for what goes on here, we're just anonymous contributors. I think they have a responsibility to uphold whatever moral values they see fit.

I think if you want to talk about freedom of speech, there are much better soapboxes out there.


^This comment thread provides a very level headed counterpoint to the insanity.
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