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I am home!

I have finished my finals, (I lied to my parents and told them they were all done so they would come get me and rescue me from the heat, then finished what I had left tonight and emailed them off) sufficiently harassed my cat, annoyed my mother by moving half my belongings back into my room, and watched Dane Cook give a lack luster performance on SNL with my sisters. (I think he was nervous) so today after I spend some quality time with my wonderful mattress I missed so much, I will be all about hanging out with my city-friends. (and getting my eyebrows done)

Much despair about being the only one of my sisters to be on summer vacation already. I had hoped that Bailey would haul me around all week because she QUIT HER JOB and has nothing better to do. Except it turns out she does have something better to do, she's going to school.

My high school guidance counselor is retiring after this year and us girls need to get the man a gift, or come visit him with a card or something. Mr. Vollmer made all three of our high school experiences better and loved to let me switch out of classes I didn't like and switch into study-halls with my girlfriends. Also, he looks vaguely like CSM. Not actually related to his counseling skills, but true nonetheless.

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