the deadly viper assasination squad (somuchbraver) wrote,
the deadly viper assasination squad

I watched "The Truth" last night and it made me cry with joy and hate all at once. Mulder's intentions and the big classic unwinnable X-files fight is so beautiful, but...

when did Carter and company forget how to do exposition with dignity?

is it just me or does the "truth" get very...abstract all of a sudden?

Every time I see this episode I mourn for the lost time that could have been spent on a solid Gibson/Mulder dynamic. Their relationship is very suddenly revealed to us and very suddenly taken away. It makes me sad. hot would Sam be strolling into that trial and getting all pissed and telling off the military guys? The answer- VERY HOT. I still believe in a completely buyable Samantha returns storyline.

....what? People bought Dogface as a....person. The X-files audience couldn't handle a Samantha who's been hidden away all these years to protect the truth?

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